Wednesday, October 6, 2010

EFT, What It's Done For Me. The Key To The Law Of Attraction

Ok, let me tell you about the last two days. I have been tapping using the EFT technique and the body talk technique with not much noticeable results for about two weeks off and on now... until yesterday. It had always made me feel a little ease directly after I completed each process but didn't notice much change throughout my days... that is until yesterday. I've been noticing little changes but hadn't experienced any enormous shifts in my life. I've felt slightly lighter hearted and little more comfortable in my own body. Perhaps I felt over all a bit happier since the first time I did tapping on myself... until yesterday.

Yesterday was a simple day like any other. I was scheduled to work at 2:00pm until we close at 10:00pm. I woke up in the morning to my alarm on my phone which I had set to read "balance your cortices". It went off at 8:00am. I used the snooze button several times and finally got up just before 9:00. I quickly used the bathroom and sat down at my desk. I immediately went to YouTube on my computer to start the playlist I had set up of morning routine videos. I went through each of the videos I had set up to play and felt a normal release of tension, anxiety and stress I usually feel upon completion.

A great friend came to see my mom yesterday because she had asked you over to go through some energy work with her. We talked for what seemed like 5 minutes which was, in reality, over an hour. I was reluctant to go to work because I was feeling so great talking about all the new things I have learned and done. I had to go though. I got ready in a flash and ran out the door and arrived on time to work just as I always do. I have been telling myself "I am always on time" since I first learned the power of my own mind. I've only arrived to work late by just one minute once since I began this job a year and a half ago. Not typical of the old me but I digress.

I got to work and I noticed that I am on fire. I am blazing through my daily tasks faster than I normally do and I noticed something different. As I am doing these mundane tasks and performing my job with ease, my mind is racing. I am thinking through all the things I love about myself, my dog, my family, and my life. I am so proud of myself and how far I have come in the last year. I was also thinking of exactly how my life is going to be and all the things I have always wanted. All the things I have always known, for a fact, I deserve. This went on for hours and hours, all through the night as I worked. It was never interrupted, even as I interacted with my customers and fellow associates. It was the best night of my life... so far. I came home from work and went to bed relatively early satisfied with myself and the incredible day I had.

Today I had a different schedule than I did yesterday and I didn't have to report to work. I woke up to the same alarm I had set previously, "balance your cortices". This time I did not hit the snooze button several times. I woke right up and hopped on YouTube as quickly as possible to go through my morning routine playlist. I excitedly did each tapping exercise just as I had done the day before but I was actually moved to tears of joy a few times in the process.

Feeling like I was on top of the world, I realized I didn't even know what EFT stood for and meant. So I Google'd EFT and there's the definition, Emotional Freedom Technique. Emotional freedom! That is exactly what I had attained the previous day. You see, I have been working on using the law of attraction in my life since I learned about it about a year ago. I always found myself getting caught up in negative emotions and I had to constantly remind myself to get back on track. I would estimate that prior to yesterday I would spend about 2 minutes of every hour of my day focused on the future I have always wanted. A huge shift in my life has now taken place and I would be willing to bet I did the complete opposite of my usual thought process yesterday. I probably spent 58 minutes per hour intensely focused on what I was thankful for and the life I have always dreamed of.

Today, I leisurely spend the minutes of my day dreaming of my future self. I took my best pal, Farley, to Park Avenue for a long walk. We strolled up and down Park Avenue at dusk as we met wonderful people who were excited to pet him and say hello. I went to gym afterwards and had a great workout, all the while saying to myself, "You're doing it, you're really doing it."

I got home and decided to sit down and watch the DVD brought to my mom by her friend called "The Tapping Solution". I have to admit, I cried through the entire movie. I released so much I had held inside of me for so long. It was truly a break-through of epic proportions. Another complete 180 degree shift in my life. Remember when I mentioned yesterday was the best day of my life? Well it is not. Today has been the best day I have ever lived. I am teeming with anticipation for tomorrow and the next best day of my life to come. I only hope every person living today can experience the same thing I have.

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